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i have to stop thinking that i am very very rich.

because I AM NOT. and therefore should stop spending time in little boutiques down brunswick street. just because there is a huge sign saying 'sale' out the front, it does not make spending a ridiculous amount of money justifiable.

*smacks hands*
....Heath Ledger is DEAD?????

i love you heath!
for someone who hasn't really done much the past few days, i am really exhausted. i think it's because i am not used to having to go around socializing with different people. in Dubai i just had two or three people i used to regularly hang out with....but now, it's like i run into people every day. crazy.

i haven't really been doing too much. i pretty much spent most of the weekend with jackie! friday afternoon was spent lounging around brighton beach with andrew. ahhhhh. i could still do with a few more beach days, preferrably before the weather begins to get cold and evil (something it appears to be doing now). later that jackie and i hit up this awesome shisha cafe down sydney road (we both missed filling up our lungs with the sweet smells of apple and mint) which came complete with bottles of coca cola written in Arabic! ahhh just like home.

saturday night i met up with jackie again to go to ben's cartoon character party. it also rained like a motherfucker the whole evening, so i stood in ben's kitchen talking to a boy named diego and another boy named Andrew Wilcock. it was also the first time i got to use my 'oh i've been in Dubai working as a writer for the past year' spiel which actually went down really well. nice.

sunday night jackie was nice enough to cook andrew and i a feast of tofu stir-fry, roast chicken drumsticks and stuffed tomato. i had been yearning for home cooked food for the past week, i honestly cant remember what ive eaten because a lot of it has been eating out. it has to stop!

a tattoo shop has opened on nicholson street. i consider it a sign to ink myself (but probably not at that shop because it looks dodgy).

i watched the Kite Runner (with jackie) yesterday. the film was alright, although i think i would have liked it better if they didnt try too hard to make it seem like a powerful and moving films. some things just turned out really....overdone. and almost kind of cringe-worthy. the book is better.
my triple J hottest 100:

M.I.A - Paper Planes
Interpol - The Heinrich Maneuver
Bat For Lashes - What's A Girl To Do?
Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire
Midnight Juggernauts - Road To Recovery
Shins, The - Phantom Limb
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Down Boy
Modest Mouse - We've Got Everything
Kasabian - Shoot The Runner
Kanye West - Stronger

ok this is a shitty list because this is all the music that i knew of after spending a year in the middle east...cut me some slack!
my drinking tolerance appears to have completely dissappeared.

last night, after two beers and half a glass of jack daniels and coke, i ended up squatting on the floor of the Cookie toilets (which are very clean btw) puking my guts out for about an hour. welcome back to australia indeed.

nonetheless, i have had quite an eventful weekend. my actual birthday was a collection of backyard amusements, with enough shisha, beers, barbecued meats and marijuana on offer to keep everyone amused. i even recived a rousing rendition of 'happy birthday' at which the neighbors who were in their own backyard two doors down from us even joined in! hurrah!

andrew got me tickets to the midnight juggernauts gig AND the Spoon gig for my birthday! i am very excited about both events. i was also told that if i am considering getting my australian driver's license, i should get it before June because some crazy restriction is going to be enforced that will make it twice as hard for me to get my license. maybe i will get onto that within the next week or something.

you know, i never thought i'd say this but i miss my parents.

Jan. 9th, 2008

jesus. im drinking beer in my room alone. this has never happened before! awesome. im actually just finishing my half-empty bottle off (for real), carlos came over with a six-pack and then kev and scott showed up and he left with them before i could finish my beer (i am a slow drinker after all). kev is still an amusing boy. he went to the kings of leon gig with scott earlier, but it wasn't until after they sat down and noted all the people leaving that he realised they had arrived REALLY late for the gig.

other than that, ive just been catching up with random people here and there. i met up with mark and drew the other day which was fantastic! i missed those two so much. unfortunately mark is up the coast for a month so i wont get to see him again after the 20th.

speaking of which, organizing plans for my birthday is friday is a mess. for some bizarre reason, everyone i know is going to see girltalk on friday or are going to be away from melbourne (including my housemates). imogen has been a dear and has tried organizing a picnic in the park, but that has now changed as a result of everyone's schedules (also due to the fact it's going to 40+ degrees on friday). bah. BAH. now i have to thinks of pubs to go to on a friday night...eek!

i also have developed this nasty rash on my legs. the pharmacist thinks it's a fungal infection. fantastic.
ahhh smoking and alcohol. how i've missed you.
well im back in melbourne.

it's....been ok i guess. ive seen minoo and emma but wasn't as enraged as i thought i would be. right now, i have to sort out like 10 million garbage bags and boxes full of stuff i left behind, that's been pretty tiring.

our house is full of boys. it's really weird. i guess it will take some time to get used to, but right now, it doesnt really feel like home...or anything at the moment.

and what the hell is up with the weather? it really is true melbourne climate.
that does it!

im done with work. there's no access to livejournal at home. boo. ill miss you media city! your unlimited internet access has constantly kept me amused and behind in my work.

i'll SEE YOU GUYS IN MELBOURNE!!!!!! ill be back next saturday!!!!! eeeeeeeee!

until then, everyone have a fantastic new year.

peace out
Report on Dubai trying to ban smoking indoors:

> Ban at nightclubs and bars is delayed, says civic body
> Published: December 13, 2007, 00:09
> Dubai: Smoking in nightclubs and bars will not be banned, Gulf News has learnt.
> The decision to ban smoking in nightclubs and bars have been delayed after a meeting early this week comprising officials from the municipality, Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) and representatives of hotels and nightclubs.
> "We have decided not to ban smoking in these places because we understand the people going to such places are mature enough to take care of their health. Also no children are allowed to enter these places,"said the Director of Public Health Department, Dubai Municipality.
> He said people go to such places by choice and should be well aware of the health risks.
> He said that smoking would ultimately be regulated in these places, too, but it will happen in future.

haw haw.

people going to those palces are not mature enough to take care of their health! they're all underaged kids! pffft.

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