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our new housemate eddie (canadian boy, living in our house since december, leaving in two weeks) was outside having a cigarette and i had just finished putting out my laundry. he says

"hey linah, you know what? out of all the girls in the house, you have the best underwear..."

...i'm not sure whether to take that as a compliment...or be scared that he's been perving on my underwear for the past month.

man this deadline is killing me. in true style, my editor on chief has dumped another article on me last minute. the deadline was today, but it has now been extended to sunday. ffffffft.

oh, last night i had an AWESOME dinner with andrew (white tomato on bourke street. best korean food ever) which involved sizzling plates of meat and even more little plates of kimchi (im a sucker for kimchi). then we decided to go for a stroll in crown and check out the casino (something i had never done before). after staring at people playing roulette for 10 minutes, i felt the urge to gamble. it seemed so simple. i guess that was my inner asian kicking in. then i saw a guy lose $1,500 on one roulette bet...or was that $5,000. anyways, that pretty much killed my gambling urge.

i have more to write but deadline calls....after i make dinner.

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